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We live in an age of fake news and disinformation and in this context the evaluation of the health information provided on the internet is crucial.

Millions of Americans search the web daily seeking news and information on health related topics: keeping fit, loosing weight, chronic ailments (diabetes, psoriasis, asthma, etc.) and come across pages with information that may or may not be reliable or accurate.

Furthermore many don't state the sources or cite scientific papers to support the information that they provide.

Exercise, feel fit and full of energy..

Some promote products or are merely concealed advertising for "health" products.

We intend to provide clear information, correctly cited, which is not misleading or dangerous. We will use authorative sources and provide additional resources for further reading.

Simple, Clear and Honest information

Did you know that most US adults have limited health literacy skills? And that they struggle to understand complex health information?

For them, access to quality information on the Web is a priority, and here they will be able to find it.

Our Content

There is plenty of reliable information in our website; Advice and tips on becoming fit, losing weight, shaping up and cooking healthy food...

Weight Loss

Diets that help you lose weight and keep it off. A balanced food intake with reduced calories plus regular exercise can help you reach your goal of a healthy body weight. See all the diets, their benefits and risks, and how to start one and stick to it.


Healthy Eating

A balanced diet with healthy foods is the key to avoiding chronic diseases and keeping fit and healthy. Learn all about the nutrients in food, and the keys to a healthy diet.


Food & Recipes

Eat Better: Our recipes cover a a wide range of tasty nutrient-packed foods.
Full of Tips and tricks for cooking great healthy and balanced meals.


Energy & Vitality

Energy is physical, Vitality is more psychological. Where does our body get its energy from. How can we become more vital and energetic?


Aging Well

Many age-related health conditions can be prevented by modifying lifestyle and behaviors. Learn the positive lifestyle changes you can make to age well.


Sleep Better

The secret to better sleep: A good night's sleep is very important for your health and wellbeing. Here are scientific-based tips to sleep better at night.


Mental Fitness

Mental fitness is as important as physical fitness: it helps you cope with life's challenges, be independent and and keep your brain in top shape.


Relaxation & Meditation

Relaxation and Meditation Techniques. Learn how to manage stress and control how your body responds to anxiety or stress.


Body Care

Taking care of your physical appearance: tips to care for your hair, skin and body. Pamper yourself. Advice on cosmetics and natural remedies too.


Fitness: Guide to getting started

Getting Started with your fitness program: Prepare your physical activity plan and start off. Reach your exercise goals, keep motivated and inspired


Get Fit & Lean

Tips to exercise more, lose weight and get into shape. Fitness and exercise are as important as diet in your body weight control program. Feel fitter, leaner and healthier.


The Science behind exercise

Science and exercise: the proof, facts & studies behind the benefits physical activity. Scientific information about exercising, getting fit and its health benefits.


Basal Metabolic Rate calculator

Calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), also called Resting Metabolic Rate or RMR, with our online calculator. Learn how to use it as a starting point for your weight loss program.


BMI Calculator

Body Mass Index is one of the ways used to calculate body fat and the associated health risks. Measure your height and weight and use our calculator to find out your BMI and what steps to take to improve your weigh issues.


Keto Macros Calculator

Work out the basic macros for your Ketogenic Diet, how much carbs, protein and fat to eat plus your caloric deficit if your goal is to lose weight.


Diet Calorie Calculator

A tool to work out how many calories you need per day to be able to reach your weight goal target. Very easy to use. Get started now with your diet.


Vitamins & Supplements

Vitamins are essential to health, they keep us alive and free from deficiency diseases. But, do we need supplements? What are the recommended intakes? and the natural sources?


A to Z of Health Conditions

An A to Z guide of health conditions and illnesses. A brief summary of the main diseases and issues that can affect your health.


Keep Healthy

Tips and advice on staying healthy: information on lifestyle changes, health benefits and risks. Learn about keeping healthy and living a better life.


Health News

Here is the latest news on health, exercise, diet, nutrition, fitness, diet, wellbeing and healthy living. Scientific papers, reports and articles for a healthier and better life.


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